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Jump-master44, artisant manufacturer of American material second gerre world, specialist in manufacture in impermeable cotton covers for US vehicle and d' a broad range of materials US parachutists and another equipment.

Us fabricon to measure for the private individuals and the professionals. We are lately manufacturer of covers PVC for the trailers, the open material, the camp-site, etc.

We work by correspondence, we take also order in residence, it is possible to come to meet us with your vehicles for the installation of the covers and measurements. We are open Monday to Sunday of 10:00 to 20:00, the weekends, in the purses with the weapons & reconstitutions.

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3 bis rue du 19 mars 1962
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Saint Léonard
port 06 11 85 90 26
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422 806 596 00025
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New Oxatis
Immeuble Acropolis
171 bis Chemin de la Madrague Ville
13002 Marseille

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JUMP MASTER 44 is specialized in the military sale of material of collection. We have a multitude of original articles of collections but also of many articles in reproduction which you will be able to use during reconstitution.

BARRAY Stéphane - 3 bis rue du 19 mars 1962 - 76400 St Léonard - Haute Normandie - France
Portable : 06 11 85 90 26 - Téléphone : 02 35 29 49 86 -

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